Methane capturing, China

A plant that directly captures methane and uses it to generate renewable energy.

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Methane capturing plant, China

When waste is left in large piles for landfill, it slowly degrades. As the garbage rots, it releases greenhouse gases such as CO2 and methane into the atmosphere.

Methane is a greenhouse gas that acts 20-100 times more powerful than CO2, which means that every tonne of methane heats the earth as much as at least 20 tons of CO2. It is therefore extremely important to avoid methane emissions.

From methane to renewable energy

In China, the population is growing so fast that it causes huge problems with garbage. Therefore, a lot of organic waste is left for landfill and this emits huge amounts of methane and CO2. All-day long, the potent greenhouse gases seep up from the piles of debris and directly into the atmosphere.

With South Pole as partners, Climaider supports the construction of a plant that directly captures the methane and uses it to generate renewable energy, rather than just shutting it out into the atmosphere, thereby heating our planet.

Removing 137.000 ton of carbon from the atmosphere each year

By covering the container with waste, the gases are sucked through pipes into a motor which converts the harmful gases into renewable energy and avoids being discharged to the atmosphere. The energy is sent back into the electricity grid, supplying the people of Suzhou with green energy.

So it is a machine that directly sucks the greenhouse gases out of the air and transforms them into energy! The plant is located in Jiangsu Province near Suzhou, where only 0.57% of the electricity comes from renewable energy.

In addition to the project every year, what corresponds to approx. 137,000 tonnes of CO2 (more than 8,000 Danes’ annual emissions), it also contributes to good jobs for the local population, supports better educational opportunities and avoids unpleasant and potentially harmful odors and air pollution.


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Carbon Credits from certified and trustworthy projects

Navigating the market for carbon credits can also be a challenge due to expensive resellers and non-certified projects.

Our job at Climaider is to select the best projects that are verified by the most strict industry standards (e.g. Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard) and our own internal criteria.

By gathering our member’s money, we are able to buy big bulks of credits directly from the projects, cutting out expensive middlemen. This also enables us to follow the money from you, as a member, to the projects, ensuring that your membership is removing as much carbon as we promise.

plant trees in Addition to your offsetting

In addition to offsetting, you also plant 15 trees for every ton of carbon you offset. The trees are planted in our forest on Madagascar through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Project

The locals in Ankilahila are hired to plant mangrove trees, which are a type of tree that absorbs 4-5 times as much CO2 as normal trees. The project restores the forest, but is also helping people out of extreme poverty.

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