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"WP Kød was founded in 1972 in Roskilde, where a good talk leads to a good trade. That proximity has characterized our business more than anything else: The personal contact with our customers. The good talk, where we can inquire, advise, be advised and solve challenges. The good talk between peers to understand the context and offer the right products.

Getting the smell of your kitchen in the nose is and has always been crucial for us.

After 47 years, we changed our name from WP Kød A/S to Öxneholm A/S to make our love of meat and global sustainability visible. We are quiet and calm on the surface, but inside we are passionate meat lovers. Our passion is to sell all kinds of meat, charcuterie, and poultry for you who love to cook and give your guests a dinner - or a lunch - they do not forget. Whether you run a Michelin restaurant or a canteen is not crucial, because we only sell good products regardless of the segment.

What is a good product? In our opinion, it's a product that tastes good and gives a good conscience because considerations have been made about its production."

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565.1 tonnes of CO2

For the second time, Öxneholm A/S has offset their CO2 emissions from scope 1 and 2.

This year, Öxneholm A/S has offset 565.1 tonnes of CO2. The offsetting happens through measurable carbon reductions, verified by the strictest industry standards. Öxneholm A/S supports our portfolio of hand-picked high-quality projects.Additional to the offsetting, Öxneholm A/S is planting 8477 trees in the Climaider forest in Madagascar. Through these projects, Öxneholm A/S contributes to the UN’s SDG no. 13, Climate Action, as well as several other SDGs.

Registration date:
April 7, 2022
Expiration date:
April 7, 2023

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