Climaider is for everyone who wants to contribute towards a more sustainable future

As individuals, we felt helpless in fighting climate change, and that's why we started Climaider. We believe that coming together as a movement can have a powerful impact on changing the world.

Meet the team

Our values

Climaider is built and lead by our three core values, which guide us towards a more sustainble future.


The Earth is suffering as a result of overproduction and overconsumption. Causes are obvious — answers, on the other hand, aren't.

We should inform on the causes, but more importantly, we should give everybody a chance to understand and take part in the solutions.


We believe in action, climate action. The ones who act lay the foundations for our future. Climaider provdes everyone with the chance to understand and act swiftly upon climate change.

It would be irrational not to.


Our success is measured not in our earnings, but in our ability to create movement. Every customer contributes action. More action equals increased momentum and an ever-growing community.

Money is our lifeblood. Movement is what we strive for and a sustainable climate is our passion.

Financial Transparency

Climaider is a place for people who want to contribute to a more sustainable future. That is why we depend on our members. In fact, we cannot exist without our members. Your trust in us is paramount, which is why transparency is at the core of what we do.

We strive towards having the biggest impact possible, which is why we allocate as much money as we can to carbon-reducing projects. The same goes for  expanding and developing Climaider, which is why we  have expenses associated with marketing and operation as well.

77,5% go to climate projects

The vast majority of your money is being spent on buying carbon credits from our selected projects. We actually offset your emissions 150%. We do this for two reasons: It’s not just to balance out your CO2 emissions. We want to do more than that. There is a small uncertainty associated with these projects, being the reason why most experts recommend that you offset 25% more than necessary. We want to be 150% sure that your money is offsetting your emissions.

The calculation also encompasses a small buffer, which prevents us from having to raise your membership fee due to possible price changes from the projects. If we have a surplus from this buffer at the end of the year, we use that money to buy additional credits. In doing so, we shield ourselves, and you, in case of uncomfortable price changes, without compromising our common goal; reducing CO2 emissions.

22,5% go to marketing and operation

The vast majority of the last 22,5% goes to marketing. As a small organization, we can only do so much to make a difference, but as a large organization, we can make tremendous changes.

Spreading the word about us to as many people as possible is an important part of our goal. Therefore, as a member, you pay 77,5% to offset your emissions and 22,5% to spread the word.

At first glance, 22,5% may look like a lot, but if we compare that to other organizations providing similar solutions, it really comes out to be lower than average. We cut out a significant amount of the usual fees, by purchasing carbon credits directly from the projects. That is our guarantee on making the biggest impact possible.


We strive for maximum transparency, so if there are any parts that you have doubts about or just have a question, you are always welcome to contact us.

Oliver: 15.000 DKK  / month
Oskar: 15.000 DKK  / month
Victor: 15.000 DKK  / month
Gustav: 15.000 DKK  / month
Nikolaj 15.000 DKK  / month
Joachim: 15.000 DKK  / month
Sander: 15.000 DKK  / month
Frederik: 15.000 DKK / month

Audited by KPMG

Climaider is audited by KPMG, which means that all financial transactions are audited by an independent third party, ensuring that everything is run by the books in Climaider.

KPMG is a multinational professional services network and one of the "Big Four" accounting organizations along with PwC, Deloitte, and EY.

Carbon Credits from certified and trustworthy projects

Navigating the market for carbon credits can also be a challenge due to expensive resellers and non-certified projects.

Our job at Climaider is to select the best projects that are verified by the most strict industry standards (e.g. Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard) and our own internal criteria.

By gathering our member’s money, we are able to buy big bulks of credits directly from the projects, cutting out expensive middlemen. This also enables us to follow the money from you, as a member, to the projects, ensuring that your membership is removing as much carbon as we promise.

we are audited by KPMG

Every time we buy carbon credits from the projects, we publish the receipts on our website. That's how you know that your money has been used on preventing carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Our job at Climaider is to select projects that are verified by the most strict industry standards (e.g. Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard), making sure that your money removes as much carbon as you pay for.

Do you want to dig even deeper into the numbers? See the attached documents to see the official work by KPMG.

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